Spread the Word – The training is for all

On January 31st, we are hosting a DoD approved White Guys Are Diverse Too™! training here at our corporate center, I wanted to ask your assistance in helping us to spread the word. We want to have as many people be exposed to the training as possible. This is our first OPEN program – meaning open to employees of corporations and organizations who value innovative and inclusive diversity programs.

Diversity and Inclusion is both a top down and bottom up process. How people are perceived, how they engage with others and how they seek support impacts career development, leadership, productivity and profitability.

The program has been vetted extensively within the corporate arena. Leaders within Sodexo served as advisers, then Sodexo piloted the program (Alpha and Beta), reviewed by legal counsel, EEO and many, many people. The program was launched on March 2010.

The program has been vetted extensively within the federal government and DoD. The US Navy piloted the program at the US Naval Academy and several bases. JAGS reviewed the program. The National Guard Bureau in DC vetted the program through senior leadership. Sixty senior leaders reviewed the program and was approved. Senior staff from NASA, Fannie Mae, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission have participated and approved the program. The Congressional mandated Military Leadership Diversity Commission heard testimony regarding the program and the outcomes. The focus was on the impact on recruiting, retention and engagement of those with high propensity to serve.

We are passionate about the program and we want to share it with many people as possible. Do you have any coworkers that may be interested in attending? If so would you please tell them about the training? Do you have any contacts or could you suggest anyone who may be interested in finding out more about the program?

Any advice or help you can offer is really appreciated. I have also sent you the link to the invitation below. Thank you so much for your input.

White Guys Are Diverse Too(tm) Training in Jacksonville, FL Registration

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