“White Guys Are Diverse Too(tm)!” Training for Corporations and Government

Check out the  4-minute mini movie.

Team Pegine is on the ‘tip of the spear’ for getting the training and awareness to millions of people with this dimension of diversity and inclusion. White guys must understand their contributions and differences to remain an inclusive part of the organization.

Dr McGuire DEOMI, Deputy Dean of Education, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

If you work with a white guy, lead a group of white guys, are part of a team of white guys, work for a white guy or are a white guy… then it is a career imperative that you attend.

Bring “White Guys Are Diverse Too(tm)!”  diversity and inclusion leadership training

Does this sound familiar?

“Diversity doesn’t include me!”

“I’m just an Average White Guy”


“They’re not diverse”

‘They’re all the same”

During this 3 hour training participants will learn the following:

  • Identify the demographic changes that are taking place in the US and their impact on the workplace
  • Challenge assumptions that all white guys have the same perceptions, opinions, backgrounds and preferences
  • Identify that the definition of “diversity” is inclusive of all individuals, including white guys
  • Recognize the connection between employee engagement and productivity
  • Celebrate the value white guys bring to the organization
  • Expand your network to be more inclusive of all types of people
  • How to create and mentor diverse teams
  • How to apply and be champions of diversity and inclusion

The program provides:

  • Dynamic modules that combine lecture, exercises, and discussion for interactive learning
  • Customized data that transfers general knowledge to organization-specific skills
  • Powerful “tactical plans” to immediately improve engagement levels

Check out the  4-minute mini movie.

Team Pegine Inc. Trainers have experience training throughout Corporate, Military, Defense And Federal Government.

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